Revitalize is the best spell for Silvanna.

In this video

Silvanna’s ultimate gives her 100% Magic lifesteal. Revitalize gives you 5% health per second for 5 seconds and boots other healing and shield spells by 25%. With Revitalize and Ultimate on, she can have 125% Magic Lifesteal plus 5% Max HP/S heal for a short duration.

Btw did you know that Oracle can also boost her lifesteal even more?

Once you get Concentrated energy, her lifesteal with ultimate alone is 125%. Add revitalize in and you get 156% (not including the passive healing over time). Add Oracle’s 30% bonus and you get 203.25% Magic lifesteal.

203.25%, yes you read that correctly. She heals herself equal to half the damage she deals. If she deals 100 damage, she gains 200 health. So OP right?

Btw since both Oracle and Revitalize also boosts shields, her skill 2 will have an additional 62.5% shield when the passives are triggered 🙂

Add Queen’s Wings and you can literally 1v5 if you don’t get crowd controlled. This is why tough boots is a must for her. As you can see I built TB as my first item (a lot of people build mana boots on her and I think it’s bad. Just buy 2 mana necklaces and you don’t have to constantly recall.)



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