Mobile Legends Defense Items Guide S21


Dominance Ice: Build against Attack Speed Heroes and for anti lifesteal

Antique Cuirass: Best item against all sorts of physical damage.

Oracle: If your hero has shield/heal and if enemy doesn’t have mages that has huge burst

Queen’s Wings: good for <40% hp survival and increase spellvamp while low Immortality Shield: Immortality, resurrects after death for a chance to escape.

Brute Force Breastplate: Preferably dont build if you are tank, only for fighters or fighter mages

Twilight Armor: to counter high physical burst like aldous, granger, ling and return some damage

Thunder Belt: slow and true dmg, most of the time not needed by tanks.

Guardian Helmet: portable fountain when not taking damage and only for brawl or for heroes like Barats, Belerick.

Blade Armor: better against high attack speed heroes as it return 25% dmg taken.

Cursed Helmet: only when you have advantage and need it for lane clear, but otherwise oracle, athena or radiant armor.

Radiant Armor: used against DPS mages like Chang’e and Alice.

— by ano-nomous


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