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Masha Season 18 Guide

A bit of background; I'm not an expert in Mobile Legends. My highest rank was only Mythic IV and last season I was only at Mythic V because I left ML for almost a whole season until Project Next update. I've had 720+ games with Masha and only have 59% winrate. I'm currently sitting on 33rd place on my city and my peak was Bali's top 50.

With that considered, take this guide with a little grain of salt.

Okay, let's start the (lazy) guide.

1. Overview
Masha is an amazing fighter. She could be played as an offlaner or jungler. She excels in 1v1 against any other hero that heavily relies on basic attack (or some that has a good balance between the usage of skills and basic attacks). If played as an offlaner, she is very weak against any heard CC heroes like Chou. She's also a bad pick against few heroes that's hard to get close to like Xborg and Popol. If you're playing as a jungler, she's good against everyone. Since she only need to gank in a teamfights and won't be in the teamfights as long as other heroes on your team.

Masha's first skill is a buff skill that takes 2%-3% of her HP every second. She gains additional damage depending on the enemy's max HP (just like Demon Sword Hunter) + 120 points of damage.
Her second skill is a CC skill that can disarm the enemy for 2 seconds. The enemy that disarmed won't be able to do basic attack until the duration of the disarm has over or if the enemy has taken the weapon dropped when this skill hits.
Her ultimate will launch her towards the enemy and will deal 15% of enemy's max HP + 100% of Masha's attack point to the enemy and will slow the enemy by 90% for 1 second. This is a good initiator skill because of the low cooldown. After the ultimate, she would reduce the damage taken by 30% for 3 seconds. 30% of current HP on the active HP bar would be taken upon the usage of this skill.
Her passive increase her attack speed by 1% every 1% of total HP lost. So ideally, she would deal the most damage on her last HP bar.

2. Builds
These are the builds I use.

I've seen many pro builds going full wham on offensive. I don't like that approach because Masha is very squishy especially on the late game. Her first skill would take up plenty of her health already.

If you're playing as an offlaner, always buy the boots first. If you're facing against a magic damage dealer on your lane, change the boots to tough boots. If the enemy main damage dealer also a mage, change the Immortality to Athena Shield.

Masha's main item is always Windtalker and Corrosion Schyte. Always buy Windtalker first because its cheaper and the additional movement speed bonus is useful if you want to help to gank other lanes. Her third item is situational. If the enemy have some heroes that heavily relies on HP regen, buy Sea Halberd. But if you're facing one on your lane (like Yu Zhong, Silvanna or Khaleed), buy this item first after the boots. You can buy the lower tier version of Sea Halberd for cheaper and finish this item last.

Actually, buying Demon Hunter Sword is kinda redundant on Masha because her first skill also deal additional damage based on the enemy's max HP. But, her best attack item is the items with attack speed bonus. But why I still include this item on my build? Because it's the cheapest one that grants additional attack speed. Sea Halberd is more expensive. Wind of Nature unique passive is halved on non-marksmen. And I can't justify buying another Windtalker for the sake of damage. Hence Demon Hunter Sword is chosen.

If your team are losing and you should not be dead at all, skip the Demon Hunter Sword and go for Brute Force Breastplate first. This item is very good if you need to play objectively, which is you have to throw your trigger happy playstyle and push the turrets as much as you can. This item unique passive can stacks magic and physical defense and also stacks additional movement speed. If you need to dive the enemy turret while there is only one minion and the enemy is ready to defend it, this item is the best choice. Because when you hit the turrets repeatedly, you also gain stacks of defenses and the movement speed stacks is very useful when you need to bail after you push the turret so you won't die.

Why I don't use Demon Wings like most of the pro builds?

Demon Wings unique passive is triggered by the remaining HP. I don't find this item to be effective on Masha because if you roam the map a lot with her first skill, this item unique passive could be triggered accidentally and when you need this item for fights, the unique passive won't be available. I can't justify its usage for this reason alone. The unique passive's cooldown of this item is 50 seconds, which is pretty long. The same can be said on why I don't use Rose Gold Meteor.

About the jungle build, I choose Pillager Axe instead of Raptor Machete because, again, Masha is very squishy especially on the late game. Her early damage is very good already so I don't think Raptor Machete is a good jungling item for Masha. Brute Force Breastplate is not necessary for this build because you would play less objectively when playing as a jungler anyway.

Immortality is a very good item for Masha because when you're revived, you can spam your fourth skill to regenerate one HP bar and just run away.

These are the emblems I use

These are the emblems I would use. I always use the first one when I'm playing as an offlaner and the second one when I'm playing as jungler.

3. Tips
When ganking as Masha, wait until most of the enemies already used their CC skills. Try to play Masha like Karina.
When you have to pick Masha as the first pick and the enemy picked Chou, Xborg or any other CC-heavy offlaners, try to convince your team to let you play as jungler. If not, then just play objectively. Play it save.
Also like the point above, if the enemy have picked Masha's counter first, skip using Masha entirely. It'd be a frustrating game if you still want to use Masha when her counters are your enemies.
Try to use your ultimate when you're on your very last health of the second bar. This is to maximize her last HP bar potential. Remember, the lower Masha's health is, the faster her attack will. Also remember her ultimate grants her 30% damage reduction for 3 seconds.
That conclude the guide, I guess. If I have anything to add, I'll update this post. Any questions can be asked below and I'll try to answer them.

Happy playing!