Hall of Shame: NXP B@ka $ean to <3 (Jawhead Troll)

Welcome to Hall of Shame for another episode of toxic and troll of Mobile Legends!

Today we feature a troll in Mythic rank match, to prove that no matter how far you have climb the ladder there will always be toxic and stupid player who put themselves before their team. This player took it a step further by harrassing allies with Jawhead.

Battle ID: 387846784070883916
Bully: Jawhead is Mythic V with current season winrate of 46% — Server 5003 — NXP B@ka $ean to <3

Victim: Cyclop midlane mage is Mythic II with 62% current season winrate.

Top laner JH couldn’t take blue buff from Cyclop since he has Flicker spell, so he started bullying mid lane mage non stop while the team needed help defending top.


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