Yu Zhong

“Justice, what a pretty word to fool the weaklings.”
“Fret not, you can’t escape the inevitable.”
“Doubt my intentions as you please, in the end, only the victor will be remembered.”
“Mercy helps nothing in this world, the weak is meant to be eliminated.”
“Give me a break or you will suffer a miserable death.”
“I only demonstrate my true strength when necessary.”
“What doesn’t kill me makes me even stronger.”
“Stubbornness would be your undoing, Great Dragon.”
“Me? No. It’s you who put yourselves in danger.”
“I don’t give a damn if the world is against me.”
“There is only one of us who can rule Cadia Riverlands, Great Dragon.”
“There is no future in Cadia Riverlands behind closed borders.”
“Hmph, fighting beside you is the last thing I would’ve expected.”
“*sigh* Didn’t think I’d fight my brethren someday.”
“Hmm.. There is no right or wrong, only consequences.”
“In time, the world will bow before me!”
“Nonsense, Dragon Altar is the true peril of Cadia Riverlands.”
“My conquest starts from now!”
“The Black Dragon has arised!”
“Reverse scales are taking over me!”
“I don’t take chances! I am the inevitable!”
“Your blood and bones will stutter!”
“The Black Dragon has arised!”
“Is it my fate to fall on this day…”
“Ah.. So close to the grand victory…”
“Aggh, aahh…”
“Both you and me have walked on a path of no return, Cyan Finch.”
“Don’t be blinded by the appearance of this benighted world, Wanwan.”
“Zilong, your kindness is worth nothing.”
“You are doomed to fail for your banality and cowardice, Baxia.”