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Strategy and Tips on playing Natalia after Project NEXT update

So I got a lot of messages and dms on how to play Natalia on the current Project Next's meta after my previous post, so here it is.

Lane: Mid but map roaming

Emblem: Bounty Hunter

Build in the correct order: roam, rapid boots, hepta, BOD, EB, <item>,<item> where the last 2 items depends on your enemy, you have to adjust depending on what they bring into the table. If they have ruby or Uranus, buy Halberd, if they have strong mages that can one hit you or an annoying selena with traps, buy athena's shield. You can sell the roam item once you’ve built your 3 main items.

  1. First of all at level 1, go to mid, help your jungler clear the first wave, then buy roam item(or buy roam item first if the tank doesn't buy it first) This is important since you don't want to buy roam at the same time as with the tank, your gold and XP will not move at all if you do that. I got one game wherein I mistakenly buy roam at the same time as the tank, what happened is that it's 1min30s already and me and the tank is still on level 1. You don't wanna do that.
  2. After that, go to enemy's blue buff, wait for the jungler to get at least 75% of his HP and then kill him, this is important because you want to delay the enemy jungler. Also take note of the HP bar, you can't kill him if he's full life at level1, make sure to have it at least 75%.
  3. If you get your hp to 50% due to your enemy helping their jungler get rid of you, recall immediately as you have a lot of movement speed anyway to go back to mid and clear the next wave. You want to always have full HP when harassing the jungler or other enemy that's going solo.
  4. Once you clear the mid(always clear mid first before annoying the jungler), you go to their red buff as you would expect their jungler to be there already. If you time it right, your execute spell might have been cooldown by now, and you can kill him again. Of course your first kill at the blue buff you have to make sure you get to kill him by execute so the cooldown gets lesser.
  5. Then you recall if your HP gets 50% or lower, if you have 75% hp, just use regen, but never use regen if you have 50% or lower hp, you can just recall that's no problem.
  6. Keep doing this strat and try to delay the enemy jungler and never let him farm at all, this way your ally jungler gets so free at farming ant jungling that you will start to notice the gold gap between your team and your enemy team.
  7. Mid game when the jungler is a little bit strong already, go for sidelanes this time and help your sidelane carrys kill the enemy to let them push, your priority midgame should be push now since the shield of the towers would've been removed by now.
  8. You want to balance your priorities between delaying them and also pushing towers, you can't win by kills, it's always the towers that counts.
  9. The reason I also use bounty hunter emblem is so that to help our tank as well to get his bonus gold ALL THE TIME, I mean literally ALL THE TIME he gets his gold, and for me to not get its bonus share at all. See I use roam but since I kept on killing enemies, and at the same time I never farm(well I clear mid but I want to clear it when our jungler is also clearing it), so the only gold that I'm relying to are the bonus gold from roam, and the bonus gold from Bounty hunter. This is important since this means that your tank who is with the mm, and also use roam, will keep on getting his bonus gold from roam almost the entire game since my gold is a little bit higher than him due to bounty's bonus, and while at the same time my total gold is not too high than our jungler and sidelane carrys. So what happens is a huge huge gold gap between your team and the enemy.
  10. Sometimes there are games where your sidelane carrys or jungler have lesser gold than you, this happens if they keep on getting killed or ganked. if their gold is like 300 to 500 less gold than you and the tank, advice them to buy roam so they can get their bonus gold and anyway they can just sell it when their gold finally compensates with the tank's gold.
  11. Late game, try to balance your priorities between killing the enemy carry and pushing towers. If the enemy are all packed together like crazy because they're too cautious of you, push towers so they will separate from each other. Otherwise when some of them are going solo already, kill them when you get the chance.
  12. There are times where your jungler gets annoyed too by the enemy at early game, so I change my strategy if this happens, I support our jungler and tell him to fake taking the blue, and when actually what we will do is to kill the jawhead or hilda or other annoying enemy that wants to delay our jungler. With you and your jungler, you can kill the annoying enemy easily since it's 2v1 and you have execute even if it's a tanky hero like Hilda. After the kill, your jungler should get the blue immediately. Do this again in your red if it gets to happen again.
  13. So the steps 1 to 11 I mention here is only if your jungler is free to get his farm and jungle, don't do it if there is an annoying jawhead or hilda near him, if that happens, do step 12 instead.

I know the game is complex and can have a lot of varied scenarios especially on high elo but usually the above ones happen and if ever there are other strat that the enemy's trying to pull off, I try my best to adopt and improvise my gameplay during the game. Whenever this happens, always remind yourself that you're a support, you want to ensure your team gets their farm, and the delaying enemy part is just the next priority. Don't try to do the delay tactic if they have 2 tank-1jungle compo, believe me I tried it with a kimmy-Akai-Khufra and I kept on getting punished. lmao.

That's all for now and I hope all of you the best. If you have any other questions feel free to comment and I’ll reply.

--posted by hizdahrzoloraq