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S18 Alpha Guide

Why: Why is that ult cooldown so low at max lvl wtfudge. His innate sustain and damage are both INSANE.

Why not: You hate low skillcap heroes, because my god is he so simple but strong. He is so powerful but braindead.

passive: Hit an enemy with 2 skills and you keep applying true dmg and a couple of slows as well. This is stonks.

S1: Shoot stuff in a line, the plane follows after. The follow-up's kinda slow so enemies can react to avoid it, but if they get hit oh man, much slow.

S2: Alpha swings his weapon in an arc in front of him. Hit as many targets as you can, max this first. Use this to clear waves and sustain.

S3: Alpha dashes and knockups enemies. Normally you can just auto target this, but remember to aim instead if you want to reposition or escape enemies while knocking them up.

Simple guide:

0.) Flicker and purify are great spells. I personally prefer purify since Alpha tends to be the one to engage first and he needs to be free from CC to be able to chase enemies and/ or peel for your carries. Flicker extends his engage but with his ultimate being on such a low cooldown and with good range as well, I almost always never need to flicker.

1.) If jungling, use jungle emblem and s2 for very fast clears. Ideally start at blue buff since there are 2 enemies (which means more aspd for s2). If supporting or roaming or being a fighter, get support emblem for the godly hybrid regen, and laugh when you recover 10~30% of your health each time you use s2 in the enemy waves.

2.) Alpha's very versatile. I've played him as tank roamer (you know typical mask lvl 1 stuff), figher lane or jungler. But your overall goal is to get him to max CDR as fast as you can. Late game his ult can be as low as 8.4 seconds (which is very hilarious. Alpha isn't played much and your enemies don't expect 2 ults in a teamfight.)

3.) His combo is also very simple, from very far, s1 to slow then catch up with s2. Keep repeating this. With ult, you just ult first, then do the same skill spams. Then ult again when it's up.

4.) Bloodlust axe is ridiculously important for him. You can go from 0 to full health late game when defending base by yourself since his s2 will heal him for every enemy he hits, including minions.

5.) For a tank build: Warrior boots, Bloodlust Axe, Thunderbelt, Oracle/Wotaq, Courage Mask (all the stats from this roaming item are too good), and a flexible final item depending on your team's needs at that point. Start with mask if you're also going to be the team's actual roamer. And help your jungle clear camp with s2 spam. You can also head to gold lane and help your marksman clear fast with s2 and secure his early crab then roam slightly to help your jungler get to lvl 4.

6.) For a purely offensive build: Warrior boots (defensive stats are way too efficient), Blx, Endless Battle, Hunter's Strike, BOD (who needs CDR cap when your enemies are already dead in one combo), WOTAQ (synergizes really well with his kit, even if it's a defensive item you don't do damage when you're dead), and again, another flexible item to complete last slot.

7.) For a jungle build, you can go raptor's for insane dmg or axe, then follow the attack/tank build paths I listed above. FYI you can solo lord once you have 40% cdr and blx easily. Also with good enough cdr, you can permanently keep your attackspeed stacks from s2 up even if you're just hitting 1 target. It's insane.

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Alpha's updates have not been the best but these tips are still as useful! Cheers!