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Natalia Revamped Guide (4/2020) by AhNavySkyTiara

Heyo so I bought Natalia after her revamp and as her being my first assassin it was 11/10 difficult to understand what to do after figuring out her basic mechanics. This is an advanced guide in the sense I will not be covering how her passive etc works.

  1. BASIC 1V1 KILL COMBO: Start of ass invisible basic attack once. Use dash basic attack, use ulti basic attack, dash basic attack generally final Ulti is left else use to finish and run away
  2. Dash under towers to get that kill: Yeah so s2 makes her immune to phy damage it takes 7 shots for a Natalia without her s2 to die under the tower at level 15 without smoke. With smoke those 7 shots take you down nearly only 40% health coincidentally the smoke lasts only as long as those 7 shots; tl;dr, if you see a hero under tower with 40-30% health, (mm and mage) bush invi -> smoke->ulti-> basic attack. they die
  3. NEVER EVER EVER: attack A tank with even 40% if you are not sure where the rest of the four enemies are because that solo kill combo doesn't work with them so you are dead or a fighter solo laning with more than 60% health.
  4. 2V1 WHEN?: Tank and mm sure if you are doing ok and the tank isn't khufra or franco. MM and Mage sure if you are well fed.
  5. NATALIA'S ROTATION: Something I needed to understand after switching to Natalia was she disrupts the farm and that by itself turns the tide of the entire game. You should never farm unless the game is going super shitty. Buy a roam mask as the first item and be out there poking the enemy while they are farming harass the mage and mm because they are the main damage dealers in the team fight if they cant farm they can't level up or get good items and that turns the tide in the best way possible. You as a Natalia need to make sure that Carrie never gets fed even if it means you are not getting kills and trust me if you are you will get the kills because their team will be shitty.
  6. TEAMFIGHT: Either split push or wait around the bushes and spot an opportunity to take out the mm or mage. If you do that before the team fight happens you'll win. Generally, if you feel like you can take out the mage and enemy but your escape dashes will be finished still do it because winning the team fight at the cost of your life is best I mean only you will die while it's very possible that the rest of the team will be wiped out.
  7. BASIC POKE: Don't use ultimate to poke keep it ready as an escape skill. Use bush passive for first strike then keep on using basic attack to deal damage and keep your ultimate and s1 for escaping. You should poke because enemies with 60-70% health rarely go back to base and in the case of a team fight they can be easily be taken out.
  8. HEROES that have a high chance of figuring out you are THERE: Guison and X borg because they have aoe spells and they use them very often so be careful.
  9. BUILD: If you look at thee pro builds nearly all of them is the same I recommend not buying a jungling item and buying the basic roam mask first followed by rapid boots and then blade of hepasteses. Rest just buy the regular crit damage items.
  10. SPELL: Hands down inspire use it to split push towers, minions, get those mage and mm combos gank with teammate to kill 100% Tank or fighter it's just so versatile over retribution or flameshot.

Took me around 80 matches and watching a lot of gameplay to figure out nat. Go boys get those 11-minute enemy to concede matches and feel like a god.