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Guide for New and Struggling Players: The Best Heroes to Start

Disclaimer: This guide is based on my personal opinions, and is meant to be used by lower ranking players who may really be struggling to pick which heroes should be used at their rank. This guide should not be used past Grandmaster, as certain factors such as team formations, counter picking, bans, and other things previously not taken accounted of will have to be noted then. I've also certainly missed a few heroes that could also grant a low rank player an easy ride to Epic, but hey, I'm only human. -- PrimordialDeathFist

To everyone who is currently just fresh and starting out in Warrior and Elite, or having trouble with mechanics and builds in Master, I hope this little guide will help you figure out what hero to main. I'll be taking note of certain restraints, as some of you may or may not currently have 32k BP on hand, or have not yet unlocked all battle spells. In general, at this low rank you're better off playing strong offlaners or mages who are capable of carrying, rather than late game carries like marksmen who need to depend on a good support, something you'll never get at that rank.

For all the heroes that you will get for free, they are great at best and mediocre at worst. You should particularly spam Balmond, as his tankiness combined with the extreme continuous damage that he can dish out, as well as his bursty true damage ultimate makes him one of the better offlaners right now. (Never ever use him as a tank, ignore what the game tells you). For mage, Nana will be good enough as she counters a lot of initations, has decent warding, and has extreme burst potential as well as an annoying passive to help with early game aggression. Eudora and Saber are alright heroes that can net you a massive KDA, but don't expect them to win you games; Their lackluster mobility, weak jungling, and weak lane clear means that they won't be good heroes for solo queue at lower ranks. Miya and Layla are alright as marksmen, but they need so much babysitting that you might not get, unless of course the enemies are also poor players, in which case go for it; Just farm all game, kill minion waves, get turtles, and avoid early clashes and you'll win 80% of games in that rank. If you've given up at life, just use Zilong and rush Heptaseas after boots and jungle item; You should be able to delete squishies, counter initiates, and split push like a god.

For ticket heroes, pretty much all of them are good. In particular, you should get Alucard and Gord ASAP as they are relatively braindead and are monsters in the ranks that you may be currently in. Alucard can solo the entire game by taking objectives and farming quietly and then hard carrying (be careful of CC), while Gord is a very safe poker with annoying cc, and intense continuous damage in teamfights that you can also use to secure objectives such as the Lord. Akai and Franco are both useful yes, and maybe you yourself have suffered at the hands of a Franco before, but these heroes are supports, and if you really have to support, a hero like Tigreal will be much more easier and will have a much larger impact on the game. But then again, Tig's impact depends on whether you've unlocked Flicker or not.

For BP heroes, if you're planning on getting a quick buy then you should take note of the discount that Moonton gives to new players. Hilda is currently in meta and is a very strong offlaner that you should definitely buy, Minotaur is a very good support tank with mechanics slightly more complex than Tigreal's skillset, Clint is an all-together well-rounded marksman with mobility and soft cc, and Alice is a highly mobile, highly tanky mage that can support and offlane (ignore what Moonton says, she is not a tank!).

If you want something other than these heroes, but you still want a quick buy, then you should look towards the 6.5k and 15k BP heroes; Most of them are very good. Some I would recommend include: Cyclops, a mage with very high burst and carry potential. Bane, an offlane fighter with painful poke and decent cc/sustain. Bruno, who despite his attack speed nerf can still one or two shot any squishy with absolute ease.

If you want to go all in and immediately buy 24k and 32k BP heroes, then here are a few to take note of:

Mage: Cecilion, whose poke and cc are one of the most annoying in the game. Pharsa, whose extreme ult range and stun makes her a consistent free hitter with a lot of mobility. Valir, who counters all intitiators through his push and whose poke is a pain to deal with all the time. Harith, whose dash, sustain, and burst makes him a highly problematic hero to deal with especially once he gets farmed up. Luo Yi, who will take some time to get used to but whose passive can one shot squishies and cancel a lot of initiations (plus points if you got her for free in the 515 event).

Offlane: Uranus, who is probably the strongest offlaners in the game right now due to his general inability to die. X.borg, whose sustain and true damage has made him one of the most universally useful fighters in the game. Badang, whose 2nd-Ult combo is relatively easy to do and deals a ton of damage especially if done towards multiple enemies. Esmeralda/Yu Zhong, whose god-like sustain, damage, and mobility makes them extremely painful when faced against (alternatively, you can use Esme and Yz as carries and have them go mid if your team is compliant)

Carry: Roger, who can be played both as a marksman and a fighter, and whose damage scales significantly with each core item built. Hanzo, with whom you will almost always have a free game with if the enemy doesn't have an assassin. Claude, who is currently nerfed but whose mobility and safety may be highly useful in your rank. Karrie, whose passive and 2nd skill grants her exponential mobility and true damage. Lancelot, a relatively easy assassin to master with powerful burst and escape.

If you MUST buy a tank or support, you're better off picking easy and well-rounded heroes that work with most matches such as Atlas, Lolita, Hylos, Angela, and Estes. If you try to pick heroes from different classes such as Popol or Ministthar that you intend to built as supports, you'll suffer from trashtalk in your rank as others will only take these heroes for what the game calls them, and might even "adjust" accordingly. In addition, play support heroes sparingly if you're at a very low rank, unless you're in a 5 man with others whom you know are capable of carrying.

Oh, and if you suddenly find yourself spending money to get diamonds, Moonton will reward you and prompt you to obtain either Valir, Hanabi, or Freya. Always select Freya, the other two heroes can be bought entirely for free by grinding BP, while Freya can only be bought through diamonds, and this is the only way you can obtain her without having to pay the full price.

As for battle spells, I recommend you should only ever use Retribution as it will help speed up your farm so you can go back to objectives, helps you snowball faster, helps you do plays such as stealing Lord/Turtle, and grants you additional survivability/chase if you build one of the three jungle items in the shop. If you notice the enemies are getting tougher, get Purify if you have a blink or Flicker if you don't. Flicker would be the more straightforward of the two if you sometimes have conflicting thoughts. Once you reach higher ranks, it'll be useful to read up or watch other guides to understand why and when to use the other battle spells. If you're playing support, flicker and flameshot are the only spells you will ever need.

P.S. Do not buy Aldous unless you're very sure that the enemies have poor mechanics, and you are 100% sure that it will stay that way for a long time. Once you reach Epic, you'll see him banned a lot, but don't let that tempt you into buying him. He needs a lot of time before he comes online, and even once strong you need to take note of when it is good to ult, as Aldous is extremely weak to cc and kiting.

P.P.S I've excluded heroes that will take some degree of time (mostly in aiming or timing) to master no matter how long or short, such as Khufra, Chou, Kimmy Guinevere, Jawhead, Natalia, Selena, Ling, and Helcurt. However, if you really want to learn and have the time to do it, most of these heroes are very strong. Go right ahead! If you dare.

P.P.P.S This guide will only apply to those in Grandmaster and below. Once you reach Epic, please promptly scrap everything you've learned and begin adjusting, your team needs it!