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Barats the Bully, Detona the Godzilla: A Hero Guide

Today, I will feature the new hero, Barats (and his companion Yoshi--I mean, Detona).

I. Gameplay Role:

His role is Tank/Fighter, and if you will ask me if what role fits him more, here is my observation.

Barats as Tank:

  1. Barats is not your anti-Assassin Tank. He has two crowd control skills, but there are delays on the execution. If you are looking for a good Tank against out-of-nowhere diving Assassins like Fanny, Ling, and Natalia, go for Hylos, Khufra, Akai, Tank Minsithar, and Tank Kaja instead.
  2. BUT he is your anti-Tank Tank. Barats is immune to crowd control skills during his Ultimate his process. If you are looking for a decent counter to a charging Atlas, a bouncing Khufra, a taunting Gatot, or a dancing Ruby, finally you have the guy. His Ultimate holds the victim for 2 seconds, long enough for your team to give the final blow.
  3. Barats is like Uranus, but for HP Regen, he has growing stats on Defense, Magic Defense, and Resilience (reduction time from stun, and yes, Nana's Molina is not a bother to a full-stack Detona).
  4. If you will compare Uranus and Barats, Uranus will still take the crown for being the unkillable tank, but Barats Skill2 and Ultimate is threatening that Zoning is one of his specialties. Just show up as 25 stacks Detona in a lane and you are a symbol of fear to your enemies.


Barats as a Fighter:

  1. Barats has the wave clear and damage on tower. His damage grows with his HP. His Skill 1 & 2 can help you clear the minion waves and poke enemies from a safe distance. While his enhanced basic attack at full stack is like using Godzilla against your tiny enemies.
  2. No need to worry on balancing his build for damage and tank items. For me, his core items are Queen's Wings and Sky Guardian Helmet. These are enough for you to kill heroes or destroy turrets immediately.
  3. Again, Barats has the damage. He is Godzilla at full stack. (Moonton, no nerfing please.)


II. Skills:

A. Passive: Big Guy

  • AKA: Super Expansion Jutsu, Yoshi on Steroids, Godzilla but Cute, Who-Dares-To-Go-Against-Laning-With-Me?
  • Skill description: Each time Barats and Detona deal damage to a target, Detona gains 1 stack of Big Guy for 12s, capped at 25 stacks. For each stack of Big Guy, Detona gains increased in body size, 5 Physical & Magical Defense, and 3% Resilience.
  • Do the math and it's 125 Physical & Magical Defense, and 75% Resilience at 25 stacks. Those are stats that our omnipresent equipment shop cannot provide. Detona is so tanky that enemy may have already used all their skills on you but you are still standing strong like Uranus. Item like Queen's Wings complements this skill. I experienced a lot of ganks and near-death clashes with Barats and I always end up us the victor.
  • Battle Spells that goes with this are Flicker (to secure kill or for your eject button), Execute (to secure kill or steal kill), Vengeance (for durability), Revitalize (for durability and support to your team), and . Emblem can be Fighter-Unbending Will, Tank-Concussive Blast, and Support Emblem-Avarice (talent still depends on enemy's lineup) .
  • Note that as Detona grows, so is his damage! At 16 stack, Detona's basic attack will trample the target and deals (120% Total of Physical Attack)(+4% Total HP) around him and slowing it by 40% for 0.2s. At max stack, pushing a tower is an easy job. Detona will be that Tank who can push a lot.
  • Pro Tip: Use Thunder Belt item on this since all enemy who are hit by your stomp will receive True Damage.


B. Skill 1: So-Called Teamwork

  • AKA: Fire Style: Toad Flame Bomb (Naruto Reference)
  • Detona spits contaminated oil in the fan-shaped area (grows bigger based on the number of your stacks) in front, dealing 60 (8% Total HP) physical damage to enemies and slow them by 30% for 1s. Then Barats drops the firecracker onto the area, dealing additional 120(+170% total physical ATK)
  • This is your poke skill and way to kill minion waves fast.
  • For me, the main purpose of this skill is to provide stacks when there is no enemy around.
  • Note that basic attack on minions and jungle monsters will not give you any stack, only skill damage does that. The cooldown of this skill is very low, so you may want to play like a Claude in here and keep spamming your Skill 1 to all living target. Remember: Barats is Barats if he has 16 stacks or more. Try not to lose the number.


C. Skill 2: Missile Expert

  • AKA: Better Than Xborg, F Odette and Pharsa's Ult
  • Very similar to Xborg's pull, but much better on pulling a target.
  • Remember that there is a delay on the pull-effect so you may want to predict your enemy's escape route in using this. The best time to use this is after you spit out an enemy with your Ultimate to prevent them escaping their fatal end.
  • If your Skill 1 is on cooldown, you can use this instead to build stacks and poke enemies.


D. Ultimate: Detona's Welcome

  • AKA: *Nom-Nom-Nom*, I AM HUNGRY, I AM YOSHI, You-Should-Have-Banned-Me
  • This what makes Yoshi--I mean Detona--different from Uranus. It is a Suppression CC (meaning Purify will not do help once you are caught). Detona will consume an enemy hero and after 2 seconds, spit it out on a designated location.
  • It has a delay on casting. A flying Fanny may easily escape this so try to check if it is a sure execution.
  • You are stuck on your location when you use this. Unlike Kaja who can move and kidnap an enemy, Detona will stay in place. He has a security from crowd control, though, so it's an enough bargain.
  • It has a Moscov effect, meaning spitting your victim on a wall or to another enemy will provide additional damage.
  • It has a cool effect! Try to get swallowed by this Ult and your screen will go dark. I know this is just more of aesthetics, but you will really feel the torture of getting caught by this.
  • After a successful swallow, use your Skill 2 immediately to block the escape route of your victim.

III. Equipment Time

I tried numerous builds on Barats and this one works on me.

1. Demon Shoes (Mana Boots)

  • Sadly, Barats is a fighter who has mana limitation. If you are going solo lane, might as well use this since you already gain Defense, Magic Defense, and Resilience from your Passive.

2. Queen's Wings

  • Barats is like Uranus. He can survive enemy ganks. Though his passive is all about defense, you need 25 stacks to reach its full potential. Use this item to prevent dying before reaching it.
  • Another purpose of this is to take advantage of his HP-based damage. Queen's Wings offer 1,000 HP compare to other defense item that offers armor or magic resist. You may want to go for Cursed Helmet, but Queen's Wing is your survival item.

3. Sky Guardian Helmet

  • I keep comparing Barats to Uranus but what Barats lacks is the HP regen. You need this as a solo laner since spell vamp and lifesteal item does not supplement his unique passive.
  • Sky Guardian Helmet also provides the highest HP bonus (1,550 baby!) so it means higher damage as well.

4. Thunder Belt

  • Again, at 16 stack, Detona's basic attack can hit all enemies around him. This means all targets will receive True Damage based on his HP after using a skill (and his skills have very low cool down).
  • Also, Detona's enhanced basic attack gives 30% slow. Thunderbelt will complement this since it also provides additional slow on your target. Moral of the story: torture your enemies.

5. Immortality

  • Another thing about Barat's is that upon respawn, he will get an instant 5, 10, or 15 stacks of his passive (depending on the level of his Ult). Dying in a clash will not be the end of your Godzilla stage. Go fight for that epic comeback.

6. Blade of Despair, Cursed Helmet, Brute Force Breastplate, or Necklace of Durance

  • Blade for Despair because Barats benefits from physical attack items too. Why not take that MVP potential from your Marksman or Assassin and get all the kill? (Pro tip: use Execute in here)
  • Cursed Helmet also works well since by this time, you already have humongous HP from your build. Getting near to a 25 stack Detona with Thunder Belt and Cursed Helmet is a one-way ticket to your own base.
  • Want more defense & magic defense, and a speed boost? Go for Brute Force Breastplate.
  • F Esmeralda and Ruby? Be clever and buy Necklace of Durance.

IV. Should You Buy Barats?

Should you buy Barats? It's a yes for me.

  1. Barats compared to the meta tanks cannot provide an instant stun to a diving enemy, but his damage can help your Carry to farm faster and your Passive allows you to absorb more damage as a frontliner. He is immune to crowd control during his ult, so annoying long CC heroes like Atlas and Khufra will learn their lesson when they attack you.
  2. He can still be an offlaner despite of full-build Tank items. Unlike Execute Khaleed and Execute Hilda, he cannot bully an enemy right on level 1 because of his stacks requirement, but on level 4, Barats can throw greedy enemy to his own turret with his Ult. (Chou approves.)
  3. He is easy to learn! No situational combo like Gusion, long combo like Kagura, dexterity skill like Fanny, strict jungling requirement like most MM). Just spam your Skill 1 and 2 to any living target to build your stacks.
  4. Opportunity to laugh and say "Run faster!" to the victim of your Ult.
  5. Also, if you are like me who enjoys seeing your enemy suffer in crowd control or simply prefers riding a cute Dinosaur while harassing your tiny opponents, then go for this guy!

Disclaimer: I know the meta changes and I based these tips from my experience in the Advance Server, so I hope this is still applicable by the time you read this.

-- posted by Megidolaon16