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A new and improved HELCURT guide!! by bel4life

I am quite experienced in Helcurt having over 300 matches with a good winrate of 68.5% and street ranking of 14 in NE Singapore. So i would consider myself an avid and experienced player in the hero. (Im using the previous helcurt guide format)

To start off we have the: PROS AND CONS OF HELCURT.

Pros: Helcurt has a silence ability which makes heroes who rely on abilities useless (e.g. hayabusa,guinevere). One best thing about Helcurt is that he counters practically all of the Marksman. His daggers could easily deal 600-700dmg late game and x5 of that would be 3000-3500 + basic attack, a marksman stands no chance. Helcurt also has his passive, his passive being if any hero uses a skill and deals damage to him near him would get silenced for 1.5seconds. He also has an outstanding performance early game and could rock the mid lane easily with a good tank as his wingman.

Cons: Helcurt has a low base health, in fact some marksman starts off with more health than Helcurt. Helcurt stands no chance against heroes that could stun him and render him practically useless. If Helcurt has his ulti, he may have a chance in escaping the enemy with his high movement speed after ulti is used.Heroes that have high base health can counter Helcurt easily late game. Helcurt is a hero that if caught off gaurd such as flanking him in bush would be easily food to the enemy team.

Advice for using Helcurt: Before initiating into a fight or a 1v1, it would be advisable for Helcurt to build all 4 daggers + 1 base dagger before engaging in any fight.

His Combo: For team fight: Ulti + First skill + Second skill + Basic Attack + Second Skill Your Ulti is a global Ulti, this makes the enemys not able to see any heroes that are not close to them which helps your team attack the enemy better and least expect certain heroes to come and kill them.

For 1v1 Situation, you would want to not use Helcurts Ulti at first as you may not need it such as against Marks-mans or any hero that is squishy also, the hero that you are targeting may be bait for you to attack and the whole team would come out from a nearby bush, in this situation, you would need his Ulti more to escape than to attack the enemy you are going for. First skill + Second Skill + Basic Attack + Second Skill This works out for any Marksman and use petrify if needed to prevent marksman from running away or heroes to stun/Immobilise you.

NEEDED EQUIPMENT: Jungling Item is NECESSARY for HELCURT for early game and for late game. Early game would help helcurt get to level 4 which would drastically help the team and would be easier for you to gank others. Late game as you would need to farm faster to be ahead in the enemys farm and easier to steal buffs at enemies side.

ENDLESS BATTLE IS ALSO NEEDED for HELCURT. Endless battles passive makes it so that once an ability has been used, an amount of TRUE damage would be dealt to the next thing you attack. As helcurts daggers are considered as a ability, you would deal true damage to the enemy you were attacking.

For any questions you could leave it in the comments, I'll reply in 1-2 days depending on when im coming back on reddit!!! Enjoy using Helcurt!!