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A Guinevere Guide (Dec 2020)

Guinevere is actually one of the best few heroes out there in the Land of Dawn as compared to other fighters. I don't usually write guides but here's whatever this is 😀

Firstly, you’d choose Guinevere for her beauty and how shes a girl—jk. You’d choose Guinevere when the enemy team does not counter her and her powers. Considering her ability to deal high burst damage and blink skills, Guinevere is a well balanced hero who has even made it to the META list. Her counters are those with Crowd Control immunity/prevention. Khufra, Helcurt, Miya, Wan Wan, Benedetta, Valir, Diggie.

How to counter your counters:

Khufra: Wait for him to use his ball form before jumping or attack from behind, where Khufra cannot reach you while you destroy his allies.

Helcurt: Wait for your initiator to get silenced by Helcurt before jumping in (This silence effect cools down in 3s so your jump has to be within the next 3s)

Wanwan/ Benedetta/ Diggie: You have only one chance for this and luck has to be with you. Passive onto her and hope they use their control immunity skill before jumping on them and finishing them. If that fails, you have to wait around till you see her/it using their ultimate before jumping onto them and killing them.

Valir: Scenario 1 (2nd skill): You have to jump from a bush/ discreetly and hope the player’s hands isnt fast enough to throw out his S2 Scenario 2 (3rd skill): Kill Valir after/in the middle of a team fight when he doesnt have his ultimate. But you need to beware of scenario 1.

To be honest, you can still play Guinevere if enemy team has those heroes, just that it may be a little harder.

Guinevere is all about waiting. As long as you’re in a good position and you can aim your skills, the blood of your enemies will be on your hands. Counters aside, Guinevere also has some amazing teammates who if she works together with, she will be a goddess. Atlas, Tigreal, Gatotkaca

Guinevere & Atlas: Atlas ulti > Guinevere S2 > Guinevere

Guinevere & Tigreal: Tigreal flicker ulti > Tigreal S2 > Guinevere S2 > Guinevere ulti

Guinevere & Gatotkaca: Gatotkaca ulti > Guinevere S2 > Guinevere ulti

Passive (Super magic): She accumulates 1 stack of Super Magic each time she deals damage. When fully stacked, her BA will let her jump towards her target dealing an increased amount of damage and restoring 8% of her lost HP. This comes in very handy when she needs to chase down a low HP enemy to secure a kill

S1 (Energy Wave): Guinevere releases an orb dealing 300-525 Magic Damage to the enemy hit and slows them by 50% for 1.2s. If she hits a target she will reduce the cool down of all her skills by 1s. This is especially useful for checking bushes.

S2 (Spatial Migration): Guinevere jumps to a targeted location dealing 250-400 Magic Damage before knocking them up for 1s dealing another 125-200 points of magic damage. After casting, Guinevere can dash to a targeted location and leaves an illusion behind. The illusion will explode dealing 100 Magic Damage to nearby enemies.

S3 (Violet Requiem): Guinevere will attack nearby enemies 10 times within 2s, dealing 650-910 Magic Damage. If enemies are airborne, they will be knocked up again. She is immune to any crowd control while casting this skill.

You should max S1 first, upgrade S3 when available, and S2 when you have no choice.

I think it’s better to max skill 1 first since it will help you to deal more damage and every time you hit a target with it will reduce CD by 1s for all skills temporarily. Her s2 cd also reduce by around 3s when maxed so it’s about the same effect as using ur s1 to reduce the CD though there is a 2 sec difference. The 2 second difference may seem like a lot but it’s worth it since with a higher damage s1, you’d be able to kill your target and will not need s2 to escape.

Her skill combos are easy to remember unlike Gusion.

Before level 4: S1 > S2 > S1 > S1 > (Execute if enemy is somehow not dead) > S2 (Run away) If you missed your S2, run away or it gives the enemies an easy way to secure its kill (you). After level 4: S1 > S2 > S3 > S1> (Execute) > S2 (Run away)

If enemy is out of your ulti zone but still knocked up then: S1 > S2 > S2 > S3 > S1> (Execute)

Guinevere has the ability to turret dive but only do so after getting concentrated energy. Guinevere’s skills are easy, just that her S2 is hard to aim. Predict your enemy’s movement and aim a little in front/behind of where the enemy is/heading to. The best tip I’d give you, as a Guinevere main, is that Guinevere needs to know her enemies skills, especially when they have a blink skill.

If the enemy does have a blink skill, you have to have a good aim. Aim your jump and ultimate properly and you can have a good chance at wiping them all out. Thats it. It may seem a bit confusing but once you get the hang of it, its easy (muscle memory). Item build: For boots, I’d go with Arcane Boots for the extra penetration. Concentrated Energy is next. Followed by Holy Crystal, Calamity Reaper and a Winter Truncheon to not take any damage when you have no escape skills and everyone is coming for you. What’s next? Well, that’s your choice. I’d personally go for another defense item to counter build your enemy’s high damage or lifesteal or when it’s not needed, it’s great if you go for another penetration/damage item like divine glade or genius wand—Whatever floats your boat!

For battle spell: I’d usually go with execute to finish off low health enemies. However, if the enemies team has a hell ton of crowd control, it is always safe to go on purify. Unless you are sure that you have mastered the arts of effective fighting using Guinevere and that you can (hopefully) avoid all crowd controls, then I won’t stop you from going on execute. Emblems: For first tier, I’d go for 2/3 CD Reduction and 1/3 Movement speed. For second tier, a 3/3 on Magic Penetration should be good enough. Magic worship is always a good choice for the 3rd tier.

Early game: I like to go to the side lanes and solo. Clear minion waves for Level 2 and secure a kill of a squishy enemy with basic combo before clearing the 2nd minion wave. After that, I’d usually go and secure another kill and push the gold shield of the first turret for extra money. Once you get one or two core items you can start hunting for kills like the greedy Guinevere you are.

This is my personal opinion on how to play Guinevere and I am open to any suggestions/ criticism. Thank you 🙂

-- posted by cherbonity